Developing a Personal Asset Allocation Strategy

Dr. Michael Gutter will discuss asset allocation, diversification and strategies to implement an individualized investment plan in this 90-minute webinar on behalf of the Military Families Learning Network. 


AFC-credentialed participants can earn 1.5 CEUs. More information about this process is available here. 

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Dr. Michael Gutter is an Associate Professor, Interim FCS Program Leader, and Financial Management State Specialist for the Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences, in the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida. His BS is in Family Financial Management and his PhD is in Family Resource Management from The Ohio State University with a specialization in Finance. He regularly tweets on personal finance topics under @mikegutter on Twitter.

The Cover image Wall Street  by Emmanuel Huybrechts  for this webinar is licensed Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

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