How to Help Military and Veterans Families: For Financial Professionals

About the webinar:

Communities and advocacy groups support military and veteran families through various efforts. Now, targeted resources are available for financial professionals and community groups that are motivated to help those who have served our nation. 

Join us Sept. 29 at 2 p.m. EDT at a webinar, How to Help Military and Veteran Families: For Financial Professionals, featuring Holly Petraeus, Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Office of Servicemember Affairs. The webinar aims to assist those who work with and on behalf of military-affiliated communities develop a deeper understanding of the financial challenges and opportunities that military members, veterans and their families may face.

The webinar is part of  How to Help Military and Veteran Families, an 11-part publication created by the Military Family Research Institute  in collaboration with the Military Families Learning Network and the National Military Family Association. The publications provide a wealth of evidence-based information for those seeking to help veterans, service members and their families, while the webinars aim to expand upon these resources.


Holly Petraeus
Assistant Director Servicemember Affairs
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dr.Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
Director, Military Family Research Institute
at Purdue University

Before the webinar:

  • Access additional resources (e.g. find handouts, slides, or supplementary readings) under the ‘event materials’ section.

  • Just prior to the webinar beginning  (about 10 minutes), click on the 'Location' link (found on this page) to join.

Created by Sarah Baughman