Webinar: Evaluating Impacts of Natural Resource Development

New technologies in natural resource industries, most notably hydraulic fracturing (i.e. fracking) but also turbine technologies, have rapidly expanded development of these resources in the North Central region. The impacts emerging from this development have social, economic, and environmental ramifications for both communities and states, and for adjoining states and communities. In response, multiple efforts through universities and extension, industry, non-government organizations and governments seek to address and define both benefits and detriments in these impacts. However, many of these efforts are fragmented, and knowledge gained within and across engaged entities (and within and across regions) is inadequately shared. To address this need, we convened an international group of researchers in January of 2014. In this webinar, we present a series of findings demonstrating both this fragmentation, and also the breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge. We also present a series of strategies for linking across disciplines and steps taken for building a national network

Presented by:
Meredith Redlin
is a Professor in the Dept. of Sociology and Rural Studies. She teaches, researches and publishes in the areas of community development and rural diversity.

Jeffrey Jacquet is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Sociology and Rural Studies. He has published widely in the areas of energy and environment.

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Created by Rosa Soliz

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