Bicol University Leading the Way in Educating to Build Resilient Communities

Webinar presenter, Dr. Leilani Diaz-Pavilando, is Extension Service Director at Bicol University, professor, and project manager for UN-WFP DPR at Sorsogon Province. Bicol University Extension is an EDEN international member institution. Carrie McKillip, EDEN delegate from Illinois, will moderate the webinar.

The Bicol University epitomizes the strength of partnering with other institutions in implementing programs and projects for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA). As it weave meaning to its theme of “Educating to Build Resilient Communities” it has actively partnered with the UN World Food Program-USAID and other local and international institutions in engaging Local Government Units to proactively address climate and disaster risks as it brings along its expertise and educational resources to help transform communities to become resilient.

Bicol University has mainstreamed DRR and CCA along its three functions which are Instruction, Research and Extension. It has taken the lead in integrating DRR and CCA into existing and new curriculum as well as in the conduct of research activities that would be able to develop adaptive technologies and ensure resiliency of communities through technology transfer and through implementation of extension programs and projects.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Framework calls for the involvement and participation of all sectors and all stakeholders concerned at all levels, especially the local community. We have started upon a partnership that is looked upon as a best practice and a model that other provinces are striving to pattern theirs after.

We are cognizant of the significant role we play towards “Educating to build resilient communities” as our theme of engagement, and establish a strong collaboration with Local Government Units and other stakeholders in the achievement of our desire and vision, which is a safer, adaptive and disaster resilient Filipino communities towards sustainable development.

This free webinar is for anyone interested in building disaster-resilient communities, and may be of particular interest to Extension economic and community development educators. 

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