Sales Fraud in the Horse Industry

This webinar will focus on a buyers legal rights with respect to horse sales, and sellers need to be aware of them.  

Presenter Julie Ferstman, Esq. is considered to be one of the nation's leading attorneys in the field of equine law. A frequent author and speaker on legal issues, she has written over 200 published articles, three books, and has lectured at seminars, conventions, and conferences in 28 states on issues involving law, liability, risk management, and insurance.  

In this webinar she will generally discuss, in an understandable and down to earth way, the legal rights of sellers and buyers in a horse sale transaction. To learn more about how to avoid disputes (and lawsuits) when buying or selling horses join My Horse University and eXtension Horses FREE webinar on Tuesday, Octover14th at 7 PM EDT to learn about Sales Fraud in the Horse Industry.

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Presenter: Julie Fershtman, Esq.| Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

Date: October 14, 2014 | 7PM EDT

About the Webinar:  This webinar will discuss practical efforts that sellers and buyers do to protect their interests in an effort to avoid disputes (and lawsuits) when buying or selling horses. Financial support for this website is provided by USA Equestrian Trust.


Chris Skelly

Created by Cara Stewart

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