Finding the True Value of Twitter

Most everyone has heard of Twitter by now, but many still don't see real value of using it personally or professionally. In this webinar, Victor Villegas and Stephen Judd from the eXtension Network Literacy Community of Practice in the USA will introduce how they use Twitter and how you can best benefit from it.

This webinar is a collaboration between the Network Literacy CoP and eXtension Australia and geared towards Extension and agricultural professionals around the world, but is open to anyone interested in learning more about Twitter and how to use it effectively.

You'll notice that we scheduled this at a later time here in the states to accommodate participation by our Australian colleagues.

Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time is 12 noon Wednesday October 22nd. 11:30 in SA, 11am in QLD, 9am in WA.  Australians please note there is a
maximum of 100 participants, so be on time! If you miss out, the webinar is being recorded and a link will be available via the Australian site


Victor Villegas, Stephen Judd

Created by Stephen Judd

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