Youth Programs That Create Impact

Key to the success of youth programs today is its ability to document impact. Youth development researchers such as Dr. Richard Lerner’s work with youth organization such as 4-H, articulate the impact of quality positive youth development programs. Research as to what program models create the greatest opportunity for youth to develop skills is limited.

Youth programs in which youth develop life skills starts with using the appropriate program model for the skills that are to be achieved. Dr. Arnold will present her recent work identifying program models that create the opportunity to learn life skills, based on current research in youth development and adolescent research.

Oregon has been using these identified program models to strengthen their 4-H program along with other states initiating similar programming. In the webinar, Dr. Arnold will describe this integrated program model that incorporates several areas of current research, including best practices for high quality programs, program processes, and program outcomes.

Dr. Mary Arnold is an Extension Youth Development Specialist with the Oregon 4-H Program, and Professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. Dr. Arnold’s work focuses on supporting 4-H professionals to strengthen their programs by using positive youth development practices and evaluating for impact.

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Mary Arnold

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