"Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality" Google+ Hangout, hosted by IEEE

During this Hangout we will be explore how Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality can build upon existing standards. Spokespeople from the IEEE-SA and other standards development organizations actively working on Augmented Reality will share why their members’ and editors’ include AR use cases, the approaches taken, achievements to date and plans for the future.

We will learn: 
• How do use cases involving Augmented Reality-assisted visualization stimulate the development of new specifications?
• Which standards are specific to AR and why are they needed? 
• Where can developers of tools and content learn about standards, download them and what are the conditions for use?
• What are some of the challenges or obstacles to developing standards for Open and Interoperable AR today?
• Why are all companies not working together to advance Open and Interoperable AR?
• How can companies and individuals contribute to the development of standards that will contribute to Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality?

- Marius Preda | Associate Professor, Institut Telecom-Mines
- Neil Trevett | President, Khronos Group
- Jay Iorio | Innovation Director, IEEE Standards Association
- Terry Idol | Exec. Director, Interoperability Program at the Open Geo-spatial Consortium

- Christine Perey | PEREY Research & Consulting and the AR for Enterprise Alliance

Hosted by the IEEE Standards Association

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Created by Beth Raney