Displaying Landsat Imagery Using Band Combinations Using ArcGIS Desktop

Many educators are interested in offering introduction to remote sensing courses, but may not have access to specialized remote sensing software packages.  These software packages are often expensive, and can be complicated to users who lack training and experience. 

ArcGIS Desktop software is often available to many educational institutions, and may be an appropriate software option for many educators to provide introduction to remote sensing.

This Webinar is the second in a series designed to support the educational community. Through this Webinar, you will lean how to: 

  • create a composite image
  • display multi-band satellite image
  • subset landsat imagery


  • Tammy Parece, PhD candidate, Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, Virginia Tech
  • James B. Campbell, Professor, Department of Geography, Virginia Tech
  • John McGee, Geospatial Extension Specialist / VirginiaView Coordinator, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech
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    John McGee

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