Interdependence: The 9th Critical Element of Positive Youth Development

This webinar is part of the University of Idaho 4-H Youth Development's Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference.  There will be 8 sessions the week of January 26-30, 2015These webinars are open to anyone to participate in.

Presenter:  Kirk Astroth, Director Arizona 4-H Youth Development

Workshop Description:

The 8 critical elements of positive youth development have served us well for the past 15 years. However, this list was never meant to be inviolate and newer research suggests that interdependence is just as important as independence and the other elements in developing youth toward positive outcomes and trajectories. This overview will share why interdependence is so important and how it can be nurtured in 4-H programs--with practical examples and applications related to 4-H club work and the National 4-H Model of Recognition. 

Depth of Knowledge:  Introductory

This webinar is being sponsored by the University of Idaho Extension 4-H Youth Development program.  If you would like a complete list of workshops available, please contact Carrie Stark at or 208-885-2156.


Kirk Astroth

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