Community-Level Indicators for Positive Youth Development: Identification and Collection within Existing Data Sets

This webinar is part of the University of Idaho 4-H Youth Development's Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference.  There will be 8 sessions the week of January 26-30, 2015These webinars are open to anyone to participate in.

Presenter:  Missy Cummins, Washington State University Extension Regional Specialist; Dan Teutenberg, Washington State University Extension Regional Specialist; Alison White, Washington State University Extension Regional Specialist

Workshop Description:

This session will begin with a discussing positive youth development indicators in comparison to risk indicators, and demonstrate how to identify indicators from existing community-level data sets. This comprehensive approach to community-level needs assessments allows youth development organizations to easily collect data from a diversity of demographics and topic strands, assess youth needs with greater clarity and accuracy, and intentionally align desired program outcomes with the data-supported needs of youth. Concerns with using existing data sets will also addressed; including relevancy, accuracy, and geographic constraints. In addition, the facilitators will share how they identified, collected, evaluated and applied positive youth development indicator data towards holistic, programmatic action.

Depth of Knowledge:  Introductory

This webinar is being sponsored by the University of Idaho Extension 4-H Youth Development program.  If you would like a complete list of workshops available, please contact Carrie Stark at or 208-885-2156.


Missy Cummins

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