Getting started with cover crops in organic vegetable rotations

This program is part of a 20-webinar Michigan State University Extension 2015 Beginning Farmer Webinar Series. 

Getting started with cover crops in organic vegetable crop rotations,

Jeremy Moghtader, Denae Friedheim, MSU Organic Farmer Training Program

Monday, February 2, 2015, 7-9pm

Utilizing cover crops has a multitude of benefits including soil building, nutrient management, and weed suppression. The advantages of incorporating cover crops into your vegetable crop rotation can be immense, especially in the context of generating on-farm fertility. However, integrating cover crops into complex diversified organic vegetable rotations can be challenging. The MSU Student Organic Farm (SOF) has been refining its effective utilization of cover crops in its highly diversified vegetable operation over the past fourteen seasons. Techniques include over-seeding as well as relay cropping of legumes and overwintering covers to maximize their impact and use without displacing annual vegetable crop production. MSU Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP) Director and SOF Manager, Jeremy Moghtader, and Denae Friedheim, owner and operator of Foodshed Farm in Bath, MI and part-time OFTP instructor, will present information on practical and cost-effective utilization of cover crops including cover crop selection, establishment, timing, and management for building soils and increasing productivity in diversified organic vegetable operations. 


Created by James Isleib