Growing Conifers for Homeowners Using IPM

Growing Conifers for Homeowners Using Integrated Pest Management was a 90-minute webinar designed for Extension Master Gardeners and Extension Educators to learn more about integrated pest management of conifers. The recorded webinar is now available as part of a LEARNING MODULE at: The Learning Module agenda is divided into 3, segments: planting and management of conifers, insect pests and diseases.  Michigan State University Professor Bert Cregg on Selecting and Managing Conifers;  University of Minnesota Extension Plant Pathologist Michelle Grabowski, speaks on Managing Conifer Diseases using IPM followed by Questions and Answers; and University of Minnesota Associate Professor Vera Krischik, teaches Managing Conifer Insects using IPM. 

Resources on Growing Conifers with Integrated Pest Management:

Bert Cregg's videos at Fine Gardening:

Alternatives to blue spruce (title says Michigan but applies to Upper Midwest) 

Abiotic plant disorders

 Conifer Disease References:

Cedar Apple Rust and Other Gymnosporangium Rusts

Pine- oak gall rust and pine-pine gall rust

Christmas Tree Pest Manual

White Pine Blister Rust 

IPM of Midwest Landscapes. Vera Krischik and J Davidson. 2004.  MN AgExpSta, 316pp; Introductory chapters on tactics used in landscape IPM:

Conifer insects sorted by common name or host plant: 

Beneficial insects to conserve in landscape IPM

Insecticides used in landscape IPM:

Eastern spruce gall adelgid: 


Soft scale, fletcher scale:

Armored scale, pine needle scale,

Shoot borers, white pine weevil,


Created by Mary Hockenberry Meyer

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