Growing Apples for Homeowners Using IPM

Growing Apples for Homeowners Using IPM was a 90-minute webinar designed for Extension Master Gardeners and Extension Educators to learn more about integrated pest management of home apple trees. The webinar has been upgraded to a Learning Module at:

The Growing Apples Learning Module consists of University of Minnesota Extension Horticulturist Karl Foord, on Selecting and Managing apple trees followed by Questions and Answers; South Dakota State University Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist Rhoda Burrows, who discusses Managing Apple Diseases using IPM followed by Questions and Answers; and Ohio State University Extension Entomologist, Celeste Welty on Managing Conifer Insects using IPM. Questions and resources as well as a completion certificate are part of the Learning Module. 


“Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivars” fact sheet from Janna Beckerman at Purdue:

The presentations from the Feb 3, 2015 Apple Webinar can be found here, along with other resources mentioned by presenters:


Created by Mary Hockenberry Meyer

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