February 2015 meeting of the Small and Backyard Flocks CoP

Monthly meeting of the membership of the small and backyard flocks community of practice. We will be online to view shared material, but everyone will be connected via the phone. Phone number will be available when you log in - as guest, indicating name and affiliation.

Google analytics from February 2015
39,596 sessions (up 27.4% from January)
34,659 users (up 27.0% from January)
1.43 pages/session (down 2.2% from January)
Average time of 1:17 minutes per session (down 8.0% from January)
80.5% new and 19.5% returning - similar to last month

1,016 active users per day

Demographics based on information available
Age: 18-34 years
45.9% females and 54.12% males
Interests are across the board


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