Handling Manure with Gypsum Bedding

Gypsum recycled from dry wall is used to supplement traditional bedding materials with agronomic, milk quality, and cow health benefits. But once in the manure storage, gypsum bedding is a source of sulfur that leads to increased hydrogen sulfide gas production. This toxic gas is commonly found at deadly levels in enclosed manure pits, though dangerous levels are found even around outdoor open-air storages during agitation of gypsum manure. This webinar will feature a USDA-NRCS/ Penn State Extension demonstration on how to decrease hydrogen sulfide release at agitation and a discussion of personal gas monitor usefulness. Led by Eileen Wheeler, Professor of Ag and Bio Engineering, Penn State Extension. Register online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TechnologyTuesdays1314

Created by Linda Fetzer

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