Organic Agriculture Research Symposium Selected Live Broadcasts

Join eOrganic for selected live online broadcasts from the Organic Agriculture Research Symposium in La Crosse, Wisconsin on February 25 and 26, 2015. This online broadcast is free and open to the public, and advance registration is required. You only need to register once to attend all the presentations below: you can come and go as you wish. Because this is a live event, the broadcast program may be subject to change and exact start and end times cannot be guaranteed!

The event will highlight research on organic farming systems, seeds and crop varieties suitable for organic production, holistic livestock care and feeding, soil health, organic markets and more. Researchers from all over the world will present their work at this event. Keynote speaker Chuck Benbrook will speak on The Benefits of Organic Agriculture: Evidence Based Results. eOrganic will not broadcast the entire conference live,  but we are excited to be able to bring you selections from the program and record them for future viewing in our archive and on the eOrganic YouTube channel.

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Wednesday, February 25

1:30 – 3:00 PM Central Time (230 Eastern, 1230 Mountain, 1130 Pacific Time)
Session 1.1 Farming Systems: Seeing the Big Picture

Moderator / Session Coordinator: Michelle Miller
Stéphane Bellon: Organics in 3D: diversity, dynamics and design of organic agriculture
Mathieu Ngouajio: Enhancing functional diversity in organic agriculture: The contribution of NIFA’s organic programs
Aurélie Cardona: Collaboration between farmers, extension agents, wholesalers and consumers to design suitable sustainable and organic systems.

3:30 – 5:00 PM Central Time (430 Eastern, 230 Mountain, 130 Pacific Time)
Session 2.1 Organic Research: An International Perspective

Moderator/Session Coordinator: Jim Riddle
Brian Baker: A Comparison of European and North American organic agriculture research policies
Kathleen Delate: Lessons from Italy: Policies and Provisions to Facilitate the Transition to Organic Farming
Marc Tchamitchian: Research and development integration to foster Organic Farming in France

 6:00 – 7:00 PM Central Time (7 Eastern, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific Time)
Keynote: Chuck Benbrook—The Benefits of Organic Agriculture

Thursday, February 26

8:30 – 10:00 AM Central Time (930 Eastern, 730 Mountain, 630 Pacific Time)
Session 3.2 Soil Health: Back to Basics

Moderator/Session Coordinator: Alex Stone
Anna Cates: Long-term Tillage, Rotation, and Perennialization Effects on Particulate and Aggregate Organic Matter
Robert J. Kremer: Soil Health Improvement in an Organic Orchard Production System in Northwest Missouri
Stuart Grandy: Increased microbial efficiency and growth drive soil organic matter increases in organic cropping systems


10:30 – 12:00 noon Central Time (1130 Eastern, 930 Mountain, 830 Pacific Time)
Session 4.1 Farming Systems: Putting it All Together

Moderator/Session Coordinator: Brise Tencer
Erin Hill: Quantifying the impacts of cover crops on organic dry beans
Erin Silva: Comparison of Labor Needs for Field Production, Harvest, and Packing on Organic Diversified Vegetable Farms in the Upper Midwest

Funding for this broadcast was provided by USDA NIFA-OREI.

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