Irrigation Scheduling

This 1+ hour webinar will discuss how to reduce energy use through implementing irrigation scheduling tools and evaluating water application efficiency.

Delivery of irrigation water through on farm irrigation systems from ground or surface water sources typically requires the addition of energy. The amount of energy that must be added is controlled by the type of irrigation delivery system, elevation difference between the field and the water source, inches of water applied, and the land area being irrigated. In this three part series participants will become familiar with how to determine how much energy is required if all components of the system are operating at near peak efficiency.

Speaker: William Kranz Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Irrigation Specialist in the department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska Extension.

Live Webcast Connection Details:
-You will need computer, internet connection and speakers.
- - Click the link or paste the URL into your browser
-Log on a few minutes before the webcast, sign in as "guest", giving your name and affiliation/state.
-The archive recording will be posted with supporting materials at
the Agricultural Energy Efficiency Professional Development Webinar Series.


Bill Kranz

Created by Susan Hawkins

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