Extension Health Research in Michigan

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s footprint spans the state of Michigan. Clinical practice, research and undergraduate and graduate medical education takes place across six campuses through affiliations with local hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers. When the decision was made to expand their efforts in community-based, participatory research at these community campuses, the college turned to MSU Extension. With educators based in nearly all of the state’s 83 counties and a history of being embedded in communities, MSU Extension provides the link between researchers and their potential study participants. Extension educators are also well-versed in disseminating research, another priority of the College of Human Medicine.

This session will explain how the partnership, called Extension Health Research, came to be; present an example of how it is working; and describe projects that MSU Extension educators are undertaking to prepare additional educators for research and to describe the state of Health Extension across the country. Presenters are Dr. Jeffrey Dwyer and Dr. Lee Ann Roman (invited), MSU College of Human Medicine; and Linda Cronk, Holly Tiret, Cathy Newkirk and Dr. Cheryl Eschbach, MSU Extension.  


Cathy Newkirk, Linda Cronk, Holly Tiret, Cheryl Peters

Created by Christi Demitz

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