The Value of Respite for Family Caregivers

As a professional working with family caregivers it helps to recognize why caregivers don’t know what respite is and why they are reluctant to use it. Often caregivers don’t realize the benefits of respite and are concerned about the “who, what and where” of respite.

Professionals can respond to these questions and concerns by knowing the types respite resources available. They can also work with community respite providers to help create respite programs that address the unique needs of wounded service members and special needs children and/or adults.

Webinar Objectives for Military Service Professionals

  • Recognize ways respite can and cannot benefit family caregivers.
  • Identify respite options for family caregivers to match their individual needs.
  • Share respite resources with family caregivers.
  • Advocate with community respite providers to create programs for military family caregivers.


Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D.
Owner, MBP Consulting, LLC
Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Continuing Education (CE) Credit or Certificate of Completion

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