Landlord-Tenant Communication and Agricultural Mediation

Agricultural land leasing is an important feature of Maryland agriculture.  Issues often arise between landlords and tenants not understanding what the law is or how to communicate with each other.  On April 28th and May 4th, agricultural landlords and tenants or those looking to get into agriculture will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar series focused in on leasing issues.  You can register for the webinar at The webinar series is sponsored by the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Agriculture Law Education Initiative, University of Maryland Extension, Maryland Department of Agriculture, and Maryland FarmLink and funding is provided by USDA-NIFA and the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center.

This webinar will cover landlord-tenant communication issues and why should consider mediation.

Presenters will include

  • Jennifer Rhodes, University of Maryland Extension, Landlord-Tenant Communication
  • Mae Johnson, Maryland Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Mediation


Jennifer Rhodes

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