Ag Safety for Women

Summer is a great time to engage kids on the farm while keeping them safe. Join us for a webinar to hear how you can nurture kids' passion for farming while making sure they stay out of harm's way on your agricultural operation.

Farm Safety For Just Kids Education Director Shari Burgus will share some ideas on promoting a safe environment for farm families. Starting with the organization in 1991, Shari initiated the first chapter system. She now develops educational material and programs that include brochures, fact sheets, demonstrations, displays, curriculum, activity ideas, lesson plans, and more. Shari has past teaching experience in both middle and high schools in rural and urban settings.

We'll also be joined by Marilyn Adams, founder of Farm Safety For Just Kids. Marilyn will share the story of the death of her son in a tragic farming accident, and how it affected her family, marriage, and farm operation.

In 2014, Farm Safety For Just Kids delivered 365 community events to more than 309,000 children, youth and farm families, with more than 2,325 volunteers donating more than 14,025 hours of their time.

Created by Lisa Scarbrough

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