Military Family Readiness

Pam Cunningham and Dr. Keith Tidball will be presenting a 60 minute webinar about the Family Readiness System, the overarching umbrella term for networks and services for our military families.  

The purpose of this webinar is to bring an awareness of the connectivity among the eXtension support available to the military community. We want the eXtension community to be aware of their military neighbors and vice versa. The Department of Defense has developed (in concert with UGA/UNC) training on community capacity building that is going to be available for everyone. Our military staff has been building relationships with the community for years and now this "collaboration" has a name - Community Capacity Building.

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Keith Tidball, Ph.D., Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University, serves as the leader of a suite of projects dealing with veterans and military families. He helps people leverage natural resources to organize, learn, and act in ways that increase their capacity to withstand, and where appropriate to grow from, environmental change and uncertainty. He focuses on efforts that nurture cultural and ecological diversity, create opportunities for civic participation, and that foster learning from different types of knowledge to increase community capacity and resilience.

Pam Cunningham works as a Senior Program Analyst for Military Family Readiness Policy in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Military Community & Family Policy. Pam is the Program Manager for Community Capacity Building and the DoD Annual Report for Family Readiness. Ms. Cunningham’s 20 year experience includes Program Manager for the Relocation Assistance Program, and Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Heath Affairs)/TRICARE Management Activity as the Program Analyst for Special Needs. Prior to arriving in the metro DC area in April 2000, Pam served for eight years as a Management Analyst specializing in managed health care at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. She was responsible for marketing and implementing TRICARE as the new managed care health plan for the military.  

The cover image, Army Leaders Sign Covenant with Families, by Elizabeth M. Lorge, for this webinar is public domain.


Keith Tidball

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