Horse Manure Composting: Specific Steps to Start or Improve the Process

Horses can be significant contributors to water quality impairment with the 50 pounds of manure they produce every day. Horse manure composting is one way to reduce this impairment. This webcast will discuss various aspects of composting horse manure. Bedding options and how they impact the composting process as well as basic design considerations in large and small operations will be discussed.

An application for continuing education credit for Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and members of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) has been submitted.

Presenters include:
  • Mollie Bogardus, Aveterra and Green Mountain Technologies
  • Jamie Cohen, University of Florida/IFAS Marion County Extension
  • Steve Komar, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
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stephen komar, Mollie Bogardus, Jamie Cohen

Created by Leslie Johnson