Raising guinea fowl

Guinea fowl are becoming popular for controlling ticks and other insects. If you are interested, or thinking about, raising guinea fowl, this is the webinar for you. Dr. Sam Nahashon from the University of Tennessee ( will be discussing what is involved in raising guinea fowl.

Created by Jacquie Jacob


We are considering raising guinea fowl for meat - how long does it take until they are ready to butcher? Also should we go with the French Guineas as they are larger? Best to raise them in a chicken tractor/pen that we can move? I remember trying to catch wild ones in Africa, no way!  Best feed to help them grow faster - any advice most welcome.
Thank you, likely not able to be online during the webinar.

Avatar_placeholder Ann Kosanovic Brown

over 2 years ago

I ike toknow about how to raised this things

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over 2 years ago

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