Health Insurance 101/102--One Session ONLY

Professor Roberta Riportella, Kansas Health Foundation Professor of Community Health, Kansas State University and Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin-Madison will host an upcoming webinar about health insurance. She will be teaching using the Health Insurance Smarts curriculum so this webinar serve two purposes:

 1.  You can learn the intricacies of how health insurance is working in this new post Affordable Care Act world, and

2.  This can serve as a model if you wish to use any of the curriculum pieces to teach directly to consumers.

The webinar will focus on the basics of how health insurance works and how to choose a health insurance plan. It will remind us that almost everyone must now be insured, describes sources of health insurance, and explains more fully the how and what of health insurance.It will challenge us to consider the specific benefits you and your family members need, which health care providers you prefer to use, and what health care costs you are comfortable paying.


Roberta Riportella

Created by Christi Demitz