Composting Avian Influenza Mortalities

Join webinar featured speaker Prof. Mark Hutchinson and moderator Dr. Susan Kerr to learn about the issues associated with avian influenza-related poultry carcass disposal.

Mark Hutchinson is an Extension Professor with University of Maine Cooperative Extension. He has been actively involved in carcass management research and educational program for over 10 years.  As a member of the Maine Compost Team, he has conducted carcass compost research with various deadstock including horses, hogs, cattle, and poultry. His research has focused on the compost process, efficacy of soft tissue degradation, and usefulness of compost as a routine, catastrophic, and disease management tool.

Professor Hutchinson has led professional development training programs for stakeholders throughout the Northeast and co-chaired three international symposia on carcass mortality management. During the recent HPAI outbreak in the Midwest, Mark served as a subject matter expert, traveling to Iowa twice to assist producers in composting poultry flocks. He will share his experiences in Iowa and how we can be better prepared for another HPAI outbreak or other disease outbreaks. He will share lessons learned during the outbreak and current preparations for a future outbreak as related to compost as a management tool.

Created by Virginia White


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about 2 years ago

I cannot get the recording to play?

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over 2 years ago

I hope this was recorded. I would like to view it and other related resources.

Thumb_frank__wideman Frank Wideman

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Asking for a colleague--will this webinar be archived?  She is unable to attend live.  Thanks!

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Could you send the URL for this webinar as soon as possible? The notice about the webinar is making its rounds to service providers (including NRCS) and farmers who would like to participate. Thanks!! Deb Heleba

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Deb, Please give out the URL to this page in Learn ( to those who might be interested in this topic. Then on the date of the webinar, they will find the link to participate here. In addition, they can add comments & questions here (like you have) for more engagement. Thanks for your comment!

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