Ecological Site Descriptions: Common Standards and Procedures

Presented by:

  1. Mike Pellant Great Basin Restoration Initiative Coordinator, USDI BLM Idaho State Office, Boise, ID
  2. Sherm Karl, Rangeland Ecologist, USDI BLM Division of Resource Inventory, Denver, CO
  3. Homer Sanchez, Rangeland Management Specialist, USDA NRCS National Grazing Lands Team, Fort Worth, TX
  4. Jeff DiBenedetto Landscape and Vegetation Ecologist, US Forest Service, Custer National Forest, Billings, MT

This session will focus on how agencies and NGOs can benefit from, and contribute to, the ecological site description process through standardized methods and procedures, as defined in the Interagency Ecological Site Handbook for Rangelands. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Forest Service (FS), and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will utilize this handbook to define, delineate, and describe terrestrial ecological sites on rangelands. The Interagency Ecological Site Handbook for Rangelands implements the policy outlined in the Rangeland Interagency Ecological Site Manual. This policy provides direction to BLM, FS, and NRCS to cooperatively identify and describe rangeland ecological sites for use in inventory, monitoring, evaluation, and management of the Nation’s rangelands. Multiple agencies contribute and benefit from development of ecological site descriptions.

This webinar series is sponsored by the USDA NRCS National Grazing Lands Team located at the Central National Technology Support Center.

Created by Beth Burritt



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