School Cafeteria Tray Waste and Potential Solutions

Using tray-waste records from various school districts across the US, Drew Hanks, PhD, Ohio State University will discuss tray waste after the new regulations for school lunch were implemented in Fall 2012. He will show how tray waste in this post-2012 era has changed, and how it compares to estimates before this period. Based on research conducted while working at the Cornell Food & Brand Lab, he will show solutions to reducing tray waste that make sense economically for schools.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Average tray waste in school cafeterias after regulations
  2. How tray waste differs across demographic characteristics
  3. Smarter Lunchroom solutions to reducing tray waste
  4. Costs, benefits, and long-term potential of Smarter Lunchroom solutions 

Created by Katherine Baildon


Will this session count toward the USDA Professional Standards CEU requirements? 

Avatar_placeholder Marci Franks

over 2 years ago

I am very intrested in viewing this webinar but it is being held during the period that I will be serving school lunch.  Will it be available at a later time?

Avatar_placeholder Lisa McNish

over 2 years ago

Yes, absolutely. The recording link will be available on this page about 24 hours after the webinar takes place. 

Thumb_149264_10151372384432043_750275848_n Katherine Baildon

over 2 years ago

Primary Audience: Not Set