Twitter Basics

Feeling left out? Want to get in the flow?

Social media applications like Twitter and related apps like Lanyrd can enrich your ACE/NETC experience. If you haven't started using Twitter yet, you might find yourself missing out on some great conversations. Even if you're not attending the conference, using these apps is a good way to pick up some key nuggets and connect with the presenters and attendees.

This session is scheduled as a pre-ACE/NETC Twitter webinar for folks just like you who for one reason or another haven't explored social media before now. The session will start with creating an account and discuss posting and reading messages, applications to use, commonly used 'lingo,' and how to find and follow the people you are interested in.

Everyone is welcome. Join us on Thursday, June 2 from 2 - 3pm EDT at if you'd like to give Twitter a try. This webinar will use your computer's speakers and microphone. We will also record and post the session for later viewing.

John Dorner
eXtension Network Literacy CoP Vice Chair and
Area Information Management Agent
NC Cooperative Extension / NC State University

Rhonda Conlon
ACE/NETC Program Chair and
Extension Information Technology Director
NC State University


John Dorner, Rhonda Conlon

Created by Beth Raney

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