Missouri-Illinois Step Up to Leadership Program Impact Evaluation

This presentation is based on an impact evaluation of a community leadership development program (Step Up to Leadership), targeted at low-income participants throughout the state of Missouri and parts of Illinois.  The program curriculum aims to provide a) content learning about specific topics related to individual and group skills and community needs and resources, and b) a learning environment where participants can develop self-awareness and enhance their understanding about human nature and relationships.  In addition to discussing the expected gains in knowledge, skills, and abilities, we will also discuss how community leadership development programs provide valuable secondary benefits on familial relations, the role of mini-grant support in assisting graduates in establishing community projects, and how best to close the skills-practice gap that most graduates experience upon completing the training.

Presented by:
Kimberly Keller, Wilson Majee and Johanna Reed Adams (
University of Missouri)

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Created by Rosa Soliz

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