Extension's Learning Space

Cooperative Extension is all about learning... whether it's professional development for ourselves, or helping others to learn. Finding opportunities to learn is one of the challenges! Whether you're looking for new trends in social media, specific subject matter, or just tips for doing your job better, Learn.extension.org is the place. It is a site for sharing professional development that we're providing as well as a place to look for professional development that is upcoming, or archives of events that were recently offered. "Learn" is your place to share, and to learn together in a social way.

What is learn.extension.org? Who will it help? When can you add professional development activities to Learn? How does it work?

Join us to learn the basics, and give your ideas of how it can be used to help all of us... all of cooperative extension!


Jason Young, Beth Raney

Created by Rhonda Conlon

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