Combining Photographs with Slogans to Promote Organizational Image

Brand value, brand demeanor, and brand drivers are three of the latest concepts under the same umbrella that institutions of higher education have borrowed from commercial advertising, marketing and communication models. They form the face of an institution in the public eye. Slogans and photographs are intended to create a cognitive link that resonates in a positive manner with an intended audience.

This pilot study asked creative directors, photographers and marketing specialists at universities in the U.S. (with special attention to Colleges of Agriculture and Extension systems) about their use of photographs to extend the meaning of the institutional slogan.

A brief description of the project and the e-mail survey was sent those known to have played a major role in developing guidelines at their institutions. The e-mail survey was also sent to members of ACE’s photography special interest group (SIG).

Questions asked about the university/college/unit brand slogan, photograph databases and guidelines for photograph usage (either from the image database or in general) such as size, content, placement on page, and if there is a separate image database related to the brand slogan.

Results from this survey will be discussed, as well as potential for future research.


Joanne Littlefield

Created by Rhonda Conlon