Using ECOP Goals Within CHC CoP

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On Monday, September 28, 2015, from 2-3 p.m. Central, Dr. Richard Klemme, co-chair of ECOP Health Implementation Team, will address how the Creating Healthier Communities (CHC) CoP can connect with the Extension Committee on Organization & Policy (ECOP) Health Implementation Action Teams to incorporate their goals into our CoP work.

He will also share how the Action Teams plan to connect with external/internal partners (including CoPs), how our CoP members can assist the action teams in launching their plans, and ways our CoP members can incorporate the themes and goals into their own work. We are very excited to learn how we can support this work as we have four of the five action team chairs as members of the CHC CoP: David Buys (Chronic Disease Prevention and Management), Virginia Brown (Health Insurance Literacy), Sonja Koukel (Health Literacy), and Roberta Riportella (Health Policy Issues Education).

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