Pack your Bag: Telling the Story in Print, Picture, Video and Audio

Get me 400 words on this by noon! And two or three hi-res pics to go with it, too. You’ll need to turn that copy into a 60-second TV piece. Here’s a video camera and some editing software. Oh, and edit that TV script down to a 30-second radio news spot. And can you do voiceovers, too?

It’s the information age, and that means rapid global communication and networking. Communicators must keep up. How and where people get their information is more diverse now than ever, and is constantly changing. To hit the broadest audience, the sole communicator today must know how to tell the tale in a way that it can be read, seen and heard.

In this session, we will share our strategies for getting the print, radio and TV story done, all from one backpack and all by one person. We will share the equipment we use and talk about efficient workflow strategies.


april sorrow

Created by Rhonda Conlon

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