Converting hybrid poplar to biofuels: feedstock properties and conversion techniques

Presenters: Rick Gustafson, Renata Bura, and Fernando Resende, University of Washington

Hosted by:
Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest (AHB)

Woody biomass can be converted into a variety of biofuels and biochemical. Researchers at the University of Washington are fine-tuning the process to convert hybrid poplars into acetic acid, ethanol, jet fuel, and other products. This webinar will take a step-by-step look at how lignocellulosic biomass is converted to chemicals then biofuels.

Topics will include:

  • Thermochemical fractionation of biomass to polymers
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of polymers and fermentation of sugars to biochemicals
  • Catalytic conversion of ethanol to hydrocarbon fuels.


Created by Susan Hawkins