Using science to promote sustainable biofuels production in the southeastern United States

Please join us as we celebrate National Bioenergy Day by broadcasting live presentations from the University of Tennessee that will cover the latest research findings from scientists on the sustainability of biofuels production in the southeast.

This webinar will cover
  • Environmental and socioeconomic sustainability analysis of switchgrass-to-ethanol production in Eastern Tennessee - Esther Parish, Scientist, Landscape Ecology and Regional Analysis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Examining the effects of woody biomass production for bioenergy on water quality and hydrology in the southeastern United States - Natalie Griffiths, Researcher in the Ecosystem Observations and Experiments, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Future bioenergy production in two southern tributary basins of the Mississippi River Basin is projected to improve water quality - Henriette Jager, Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Created by Susan Hawkins

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