Leading with Soul: How looking inward may be your most effective leadership tool

Today’s communication leaders are faced with challenges that no textbook or training program can prepare them for. Knowing your purpose and principles is a first step in practicing an authentic leadership style. Leaders operating in this “spiritual leadership” framework search for an alignment of an inner value system with their world of work. Spiritual leaders [non-religious] develop a sense of self and understand the highs and lows of daily experience that help them improve their ability to lead their institutions. These leaders understand and embrace activities that nurture spiritual elements of their identity and actively integrate them into leadership practices that assist them in addressing complex challenges. This session will explore what a spiritual leadership framework is and how one can support its development. For example, structured reflection on one's experiences is a technique essential to developing a spiritual leadership style and allows for wisdom to emerge from experience. Other components of the spiritual leadership framework include the motivating importance of “making a difference”; the role of vocation as a “higher calling”; the importance of ego strength and self-awareness; the impact of values and integrity; and the value of the teaching experience in being a spiritual leader.

Presenter: Ruth Hohl Borger, Ed.D., APR
Assistant Vice President, University of Florida, IFAS Communications

Provided by the Leadership and Management Learning Community of the Association of Communication Excellence (ACE).


Ruth Borger

Created by Beth Raney