Climate Change - Resilience and Hope

Molly Woloszyn, Extension Climate Specialist, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, University of Illinois Extension will present Resilient Chicago: Climate Planning. The Resilient Chicago initiative from Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and the Midwestern Regional Climate Center started in late 2014 and aims to help decision makers in the greater Chicago metropolitan region incorporate climate adaptation into local planning efforts through workshops and other resources that address the political, logistical, and financial aspects of local climate planning. Molly will briefly discuss this initiative and two Resilient Chicago workshops, as well as a project that is developing a flood vulnerability assessment for critical facilities and a climate communication resource aimed at the public, developed by NOAA and other partners, which provides a quarterly climate summary for various regions across the United States.


Dr. Martha C. Monroe, Professor and Extension Specialist at the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida and Christine Jie Li, Ph.D. candidate in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at University of Florida will present Measuring Hope: Making a Difference in Climate Change Programs and Evaluating It! Their presentation will explain the factors that are likely to affect hope by focusing on the development and application of the hope scale to climate change instructional materials. They will share the preliminary results regarding the reliability and validity of this hope scale from about 900 participants. Implications of how natural resource Extension professionals may adapt and use this tool in programs to promote hopefulness will be discussed.

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