Apocalypse-Proofing Your Organization

Budget zombies have eaten your IT, Extension, and other staffs, but you still have to serve your public. What to do? This session will focus on the need to make content as transparent, accessible, and intuitive as possible to free up and maximize remaining resources.

Topics include:

- What is content? Not just words on a website, but expertise, events, pubs, and user-generated information.

- Moving from an organization-centered to a user-focused presentation of content. Streamlining Extension operations necessitated a shift to a more topic-focused website that includes all related, relevant content. Also involved organizing and categorizing pubs to make them easier to find. Focus not only on findability on our website, but through Google. Finally, required making events sortable and findable by topic, location, etc., and efficiently publicizing these events.

- Recognizing that part of “user focus” is using available tools to listen to your public, like Google Analytics and social media. OIT/OC people are no longer the final arbiters of what the public wants to see or how they want to see it. Thanks to web 2.0, they can tell us themselves, and we should listen.


Amanda Swennes, ben whetstone, Robin Pratt

Created by Rhonda Conlon

Primary Audience: Not Set