Unmanned Aircraft in Agriculture: Dynamic Technologies & Record Keeping

The UAS in Agriculture Learning Network’s third webinar will feature Washington State University’s Dr. Lav Khot to discuss how we can look beyond small UAS to realize applications of UAS in crop production management given the rapid pace of change in this sector. He will also discuss how his team is using mid-size UAS technology in fresh market cherry crop loss management. Then, Dr. James Robbins (University of Arkansas) will be presenting a session on record keeping as a critical part of legal requirements for flying unmanned aircraft. All record keeping requirements are spelled out in the Certificate of Authorization, and include items such as having your FAA issued certificate at the location of flight operations, along with aircraft registration papers. In addition, Jim will review pilot logs, aircraft logs, and monthly FAA reporting requirements. Plan to attend the webinar and learn about new and dynamic applications of UAS in Agriculture and record keeping to remain legal. Details below.

Program change:
Due to scheduling conflicts, Agribotix is being rescheduled to present at a later webinar.


Dr. Lav Khot, Assistant Professor
Biological Systems Engineering - Washington State University, Prosser, WA
In past few years, small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) has fascinated farmers and researchers alike with versatile imaging capabilities. Similar to FAA, agribusiness industry is trying to keep pace with rapid developments in this sector. As this frontier emerges, we must look beyond sUAS to realize the full potential of UAS technology in crop production management. This webinar is an effort to initiate discussion on this aspect. Discussed will be general application domain of mid-sized UAS in agriculture and specifics about how our team is using such technology in fresh market cherry crop loss management.

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Dr. James Robbins - University of Arkansas
Extension Specialist and Professor of Ornamental Horticulture

For the past 16 years Dr. Robbins has  been an Extension Specialist in commercial ornamentals at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. His role is to support all Green Industry businesses including garden centers, wholesale growers, and landscapers. Dr. Robbins is an early adopter of UAS and has extensive experience using UAS in research. In this webinar, he will be focusing on using a field manual for aircraft safety checks as well as record keeping and reporting to the FAA.

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Photograph by Dr. James Robbins, University of Arkansas, provided to eXtension to use this photo. For permission to use, contact Dr. James Robbins at



James Robbins

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