Estimating forest residue for biomass production

Presenter: Kevin Boston, Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Hosted by: Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA)

The webinar will begin by describing the biomass supply chain and the issues with its management. This will lead to motivation of why measurement of forest residues is necessary for its successful management. The seminar will then describe various techniques used to measure biomass piles and the comparison among these methods. It will describe the logging process that are common in the Pacific Northwest and how they can influence the amount and location of biomass produced from harvesting operations. It will review the operations used to collect and process this biomass and suggest other equipment that might be useful to increase the amount of biomass available for energy production.

NARA webinars benefit industry (primary and secondary manufacturers, chemical, and biofuel), researchers, contractors, land managers, policymakers, state and local agency personnel, NGOs, educators, and students – all who are interested and involved in operations converting forest-based biomass to biofuels and co-products.

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