Webinar "Mitigating Pollinator Decline in Landscapes"

Ms. Heather Holm, Author and Restoration Specialist, 20 minutes.

How to identify 5 families of native bees in landscapes, provide identification and life history information, nest site descriptions, especially in spring and fall. crops: apples, squash, blue berries, tomatoes

Dr. Karl Foord, Extension Educator Entomology, UMinnesota, 20 minutes.

How to conserve bees in the landscape. Favorite nectar and pollen hosts, what crops that they pollinate, time of activity, any other information on pollination services, and how to properly use insecticides. crops: apples, squash, blue berries, tomatoes

Dr. Dan Cariveau, Assistant Professor Ecology Bees, UMinnesota, 20 minutes.

In general what do we know about bee communities, how they coexist, are they in decline.

Dr. Vera Krischik, Associate Professor, Extension Specialist Entomology, UMinnesota, Moderator and Dr. Mary Meyer, Professor, Extension Specialist Horticulture, UMinnesota


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