Types of Public Engagement - Live, online, text-based discussion

What are the different forms that public engagement with science can take, and the different goals each can help fulfill? Martin Storksdieck of Oregon State University and Cat Stylinski of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science will share their initial work on a typology of public engagement activities. This typology includes examples of public engagement with science activities, especially those with evaluations and empirical data. We are looking for input to improve on this typology. Do its findings resonate with your experience? Do you agree with its categorization of different activities, or would you suggest modifications? This live (text-based) discussion will take place in a comment thread on Trellis (see below for more information about this platform).  If you would like to join the discussion, please email ekimbrel@aaas.org (even if you can't join during the live chat time period, feel free to add your comments to the thread afterward).

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) is in the development phases of launching an online platform for scientific communication called Trellis<trelliscience.com>. The AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science is using the platform to foster an online community for public engagement professionals - scientists, those researching public engagement, and the practitioners who translate public engagement research to practice. The group, much like the platform as a whole, is in its beta phase; as the technical team at AAAS works out the kinks of the platform, we are experimenting with ways to foster community across the many fields and interests that work on public engagement with science.

We invite you to join the public engagement group on Trellis to participate in the conversation and share your ideas, thoughts, questions, and suggestions for the field of public engagement.


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