Remote Training

Statewide training has been impacted by recent budget cuts; due to this, trainers and trainees have been unable to travel. Instructional videos are available on the training website, but in-person training has always been preferred. By using Live Meeting web conferencing (webinars), live meetings, trainings, and presentations can be conducted via the Internet. Participants can sit at their computers and join in the meetings.
By implementing Live Meeting webinars, I have been able to offer training to those who would otherwise be unable to participate. Rather than having two three-hour face-to-face classes a month, I was able to offer 31 webinars over a six month period. These webinars range from 30 to 90 minutes. Webinar registrants access the meetings by clicking on a link distributed via e-mail the day before. The switch to a virtual training program has doubled participation.
This presentation will cover registration, an overview of webinar topics , screen shots, and the webinar process.


Tanya Ruffin

Created by Rhonda Conlon