On-Line Resources for Managing Cover Crops in the North Central States

Interest in cover crops is growing among North Central crop growers, however incorporating cover crops into current cropping system can be challenging. Surveys conducted in the North Central US during 2014-15 winter meetings showed that growers are continuously seeking for useful resources to counter their challenges. Extension personnel from the region put together a compendium of resources related to different aspects of growing cover crops. This webinar will highlight available resource materials related to in-season cover crops growth, species selection, cover crops impact on soil health, and economics of cover crops.
The online resource guide is available at the Midwest Cover Crop Council Multimedia page
To access the archived webinar, please visit- https://youtu.be/NDlJWDTbpPw


David Karki, Kenneth Eck, Allen Gahler, Kate Kammler

Created by David Karki