Everything about geese for the beginner - benefits and challenges of incorporating geese into your small farm operation

This webinar on geese will be presented by Laurie Mackie-Malcom, a former Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist practicing in the New York metropolitan area. She trained dogs for basic and advanced obedience, protection, and theatrical work, and enjoyed teaching people how to communicate with their dogs. She also specialized in the rehabilitation of dogs (and cats) with behavior problems.  Laurie's later focus centered on training Service Dogs, in particular, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. She worked on a pilot program for Hearing Dogs at the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in Smithtown, N.Y., and later became Head Trainer at Red Acre Farm Hearing Dog Center in Massachusetts. Her additional canine experience includes work with feral dogs, puppy mill dogs, Livestock Guard Dogs, search and rescue, herding dogs, scent detection and French Ringsport.

Having always been interested in all forms of animal behavior, Laurie moved to Maine to work on a sheep farm and continued to train dogs for herding sheep as well as cattle. Training herding dogs and learning about livestock led her to purchase a few of her own sheep and goats... geese were added later for their intelligence, beauty and unique family structure. She started with white Emdens and grey Toulouse, and as her interest in geese grew, she shifted her attention to the rare and critically endangered Saddleback Pomeranian goose. She has been breeding and showing Saddleback Pomeranians for over seventeen years, gradually adding new genetics and building a quality gaggle of beautiful and productive geese.  Laurie now runs a small licensed goat dairy with her family and continues to work with her Saddleback Pomeranian geese, her Belgian Malinois, and her English Shepherd farm dogs. She is proud to be able to contribute to the movement which is helping to preserve our heritage breeds and the sustainable way of life of the small farms.

Created by Jacquie Jacob

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