Facebook Advertising: Simple, Effective and Inexpensive

Anyone with access to Facebook can prepare a Facebook Advertisement in under five minutes. Facebook provides a whole new way reach to unique, targeted and receptive audiences in a way that they want to be marketed to, using Facebook Advertising. Facebook Advertising is very different from setting up a personal profile or a company fan page. Companies can pay to have their advertisements featured in the right hand column of users Facebook pages. When clicked, this short text and image advertisement takes the user to the company website, or even a particular page within the website. Therefore potential audiences can be reached during their leisure time and they will not need to recall a phone number or email address as they would from a radio, television or print advertisement. Other internet advertisements require costly graphic designers and computer programmers.

In October, Colorado State University Extension in El Paso County was the first county Extension office to use Facebook Advertising to promote upcoming 4-H programs. Audience members will learn how to develop their own Facebook advertisements and utilize this technology to reach the largest audience possible.


Joanne Littlefield

Created by Rhonda Conlon

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