Webinar: Fostering Cross Disciplinary Research on Energy Development

About the webinar: Funded by the National Science Foundation and led by a cross-disciplinary committee of faculty from research institutions across North America, the Energy Impacts Research Coordination Network seeks to overcome topical, disciplinary, and geographic silos in order to facilitate breakthroughs in understanding the social and community impacts of energy development. This webinar will provide an introduction to the 3-year project, outlining the rationale, goals, and major project objectives, as well as solicit ideas and feedback from webinar participants on ways to increase cross-disciplinary social science research on energy.

Presented by:
Dr. Jeffrey B. Jacquet
is an assistant professor in the department of Sociology and Rural Studies at South Dakota State University.
Dr. Julia Haggerty
, faculty member in Montana State University's Earth Science Department
Anne Junod
is a PhD student studying Sociology at South Dakota State University.

There is no registration and no fee for attending this webinar.

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