Holiday Food Safety CDC Twitter Chat

Joining us for the holiday food safety Twitter chat next Wednesday, December 9th from 2-3pm. During #CDCFoodChat we will share tips for planning and preparing healthy holiday meals, and provide advice on keeping food safe at parties and buffets. Our theme is Bringing Food Safety Home for the Holidays.


1. Safe food handling when preparing and cooking holiday meals

2. Food safety tips for holiday gatherings, such as transporting food to parties and safe buffets

3. Risky foods that people may eat at the holidays, including raw eggs in cookie dough and egg nog, unpasteurized soft cheeses, etc.

4. Advice on saving leftovers and cleaning up your kitchen


 We will use the hashtag #CDCfoodchat.  Please include in all tweets.

 You can also use #foodsafety where appropriate


Elizabeth Andress

Created by Beth Raney

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